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Range facilities

The Club operates a range facility located to the north east of Adelaide. The range facility offers a number of open and covered ranges, including automated turning target range.

The ranges include:

The Club's ranges are grouped in two areas within the range. They are referred to as being located either at the 'IPSC' or the 'ISSF' end of the range.

A range map is provided to members.

100m open range

This versatile range is used for rifle, shotgun, and pistol. It has a covered firing point offering benchrest for rifle shooters and targets at disances of Xm, Xm and 100m. The end of the range is divided by a wall allowing two details to use it as a 30m pistol range.

100m Range

25m open range

This range is used for shotgun and pistol. It is well suited to IPSC competition and can accomodate a variety of range props.

25m Range

10m open range (aka Hall's Gap)

This range is mainly used for pistol training and static practice.

Hall's Gap Range

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50m turning target range

This range is used for rifle and pistol. It is well suited to ISSF and Service Pistol competition. It has a covered firing point and can be configured with benchrest or posts. The target mechanism can accomodate up to 20 lanes of firers or be grouped to present 5 targets per firer. The targets can be moved to any distance up to a maximum of 50m and can operate manually or by a timer. This range provides all-weather cover.

ISSF Range

Chrono range

This range is nestled away but offers the reloader the perfect place to set up a chronograph and provides all-weather cover.

Chronograph Range

Mock house range

This range is a challenge for the practical shooter. It is the facade of a two storey building and is constructed of timber.

House Range

Practical ranges

There are several open ranges that are perfect for short course practical shooting.

Practical Range Practical Range

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