AURRPC | Adelaide University Regiment Rifle & Pistol Club

What is IPSC?

AURRPC is affliated with IPSC Australia, the national governing body of this practical shooting discipline.

IPSC is exciting and challenging as well as being one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the world. Courses of fire involve many aspects not found in the other more traditional shooting disciplines. These include movement by the shooter, drawing from the holster, moving targets, multiple targets and the freedom for the shooter to solve the shooting problems presented by the stage design.

Scoring is by one of three methods:

  • Comstock - unlimited time, unlimited shots, stipulated number of hits per target
  • Virginia Count - unlimited time, limited shots, stipulated number of hits per target
  • Fixed Time - limited time, limited shots, stipulated number of hits per course

Comstock is the most commonly used scoring method. This means that a competitor can fire as many shots as they choose until they are happy with their scoring hits. The trade off is that more time is used and this will cause a the score to be lower.

Competitors must complete the IPSC Holster Proficiency course. AURRPC also encourages members interested in IPSC to become a member of IPSC (SA). This allows members to compete at inter-club, State and national events.

Firearms and ammunition

The requirements for pistols, ammuniton and equipment are specified in the IPSC Handgun Competition Rules. The divisions are set according to the type of pistol used by the competitor. The divisions are:

  • standard
  • production
  • modified
  • open
  • standard revolver

Generally, the minimum requirement for competition is a centrefire semi-automatic pistol or double-action revolver of at least 9x19mm calibre.

A Club firearm and ammunition are available for use.


The Club strongly recommends the use of:

  • hearing protection
  • safety glasses
  • enclosed footwear
  • holster
  • magazines (at least three)
  • magazine holders (at least three)
  • pistol belt (held by at three belt loops)


Competition is held on the third Saturday of each month commencing at 1.30pm. IPSC utilises a number of ranges including the 100m, 25m, and several smaller ranges.

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