AURRPC | Adelaide University Regiment Rifle & Pistol Club

What is ISSF?

ISSF caters for those who enjoy the precision side of pistol shooting. AURRPC uses the Pistol Australia Standard Target mounted at 25m on the turning targets range.

We normally use .22LR handguns that comply with the official rules. Typcally, these will have a maximum barrel length of 150mm, 225mm open sight radius, and a 1000g trigger pull. So the chances are that these charactersitics describe most .22 cal semi-auto pistols.

A typical match or variation of a match uses only 60 shots of ammunition and at less than $5 a box for ‘off the shelf’ ammo, handgunning does not get much cheaper than this. No reloading expenses!

See how you go!

Firearms and ammunition

Pistols permitted in ISSF competition are .22LR calibre.

Club firearm and ammunition is available for use.


The Club strongly recommends the use of:

  • hearing protection
  • safety glasses
  • enclosed footwear


Competition is held on the fourth Saturday of each month commencing at 1.30pm. The range used is the 50m turning target range. Capacity of the range is twenty firers at a time.

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