AURRPC | Adelaide University Regiment Rifle & Pistol Club

What is Rifle?

AURRPC rifle competition uses standard IPSC targets and the IPSC scoring system (basically, total scoring hits divided by time taken). The competition is shot in two stages.

The first stage has six targets at 100m. The shooter has two minutes to place two shots on each target. This allows plenty of time for deliberate aim. There is no limit to the number of shots. So, time permitting, some back-up shots can be taken. The target score of the highest two shots on each target is divided by 120 (seconds) to give the first stage score.

Second stage has the six targets placed at 50m. This stage is timed so that the sooner the shooter is finished, the higher the score. With no limit to the amount of shots, the highest two on each target are added together, then the total divided by the time taken. Both scores are then combined to give the match score.

So come and try rifle shooting. It's the best fun you can have with your clothes on!

Firearms and ammunition

Rimfire rifles permitted in competition:

  • rimfire
  • centrefire (pistol calibres)

Rifles may be fitted with scopes. Club firearm and ammunition is available for use.

Centrefire rifles chambered for other than pistol calibres may be sighted-in on the range. They may not be used in competition.


The Club strongly recommends the use of:

  • hearing protection
  • safety glasses
  • enclosed footwear


Competition is held on the fourth Saturday of each month commencing at 1.30pm. The range used is the 100m range.

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