AURRPC | Adelaide University Regiment Rifle & Pistol Club

What is Shotgun?

AURRPC runs an IPSC-style shotgun match using falling plate targets. The targets are positioned for either a field stage (10-15 targets spread the length of the 100m range) or a speed shoot (4-10 targets positioned closer together). The idea of the competition is to knock down the falling plates as quickly as possible.

The stages are set up in ‘practical’ situations and this may require the shooter to fire while sitting down or ‘from the hip’. Stage design and set up is only limited by the imagination.

AURRPC does not offer the clay target discipline.

Firearms and ammunition

Shotguns permitted in competition (not being self-loading or pump action):

  • single barrel
  • double barrel

Recommended shot is 12g or BB.

A Club firearm and ammunition are available for use.


The Club strongly recommends the use of:

  • hearing protection
  • safety glasses
  • enclosed footwear
  • shotgun belt


Competition is held on the second Saturday of each month commencing at 1.30pm. Shotgun competition is held on the 100m range.

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