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The FAQs about...ammunition

Here you will find some of the common issues relating to ammunition.

NOTE: This is general advice and you should be familiar with the requirements of the Fireams Act 1977 and the Firearms Regulations 1993 that pertain to your specific circumstances.

Do I need a firearms licence to buy ammuniton?

Yes. Your firearms licence must be endorsed with a class of firearm that uses the ammunition that you are purchasing. A permit may be granted if you do not hold a suitable licence.

What is is covered by the term 'ammunition'?

Ammunition means ammunition suitable for use in a firearm and includes primers and propellant.

How do I reload ammunition?

Reloading is a fantastic way to decrease ammunition costs and csutomise your loads to suit your discipline. Reloading usually increases your accuracy and enables you to control how 'hot' your loads are.

The basic set up for relaoding requires:

  • press with dies
  • powder measure or scales

As your needs be come more specialised (or you just have the more money for the initial outlay) you may like to add:

  • case deburrer
  • case tumbler

There are plenty of resources on the internet or in various sporting shooter magazines. AURRPC also provides links to manufacturers and suppliers on our Reloading Links page. You will find a good starting point on the IPSC Australia website.

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