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The FAQs about...firearms

Owning a firearm will significantly increased you enjoyment of sports shooting. You can find one to suit your chosen discipline, style and budget. Here we will cover the questions that you may have about acquiring a firearm.

NOTE: This is general advice and you should be familiar with the requirements of the Fireams Act 1977 and the Firearms Regulations 1993 that pertain to your specific circumstances.

How do I purchase a firearm?

You must obtain a PD306 Application for a permit to acquire a firearm from a police station. Please note that handgun owners are subject to a graduated entry scheme. There is a mandatory cooling off period of 28 days. Of course, your licence must be endorsed for use of that class of firearm.

You will need a certificate from the Club Secretary to justify your puchase if your firearm is for Club use and is either:

  • H class
  • B class where POU1 is the only endorsement for that class

Who can witness the transfer of a firearm?

Transfer of possession of a firearm must be done in the presence of:

  • an authorised officer of a recognised firearms club
  • a police officer
  • a firearms dealer

AURRPC has several authorised officers.

How do I register a firearm?

After you have transferred possession of the firearm, you must register the firearm within 14 days. You should attend a police station during daylight hours. You must deactivate the firearm before entering the police station.

Can I travel interstate with my firearms?

I am working on the answer...

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