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The FAQs about...firearms legislation

NOTE: This is general advice and you should be familiar with the requirements of the Fireams Act 1977 and the Firearms Regulations 1993 that pertain to your specific circumstances.

What does 'active member' mean?

The term 'active' describes a member who meets the minimum obligation for participation in club activities in order to renew their licence each year. It applies only to H class licence holders and collectors.

in relation to a shooting club, 'active' means the member has participated in shooting club organised competitive shooting matches for class H firearms on at least six occasions during the 12 months. If the member failed to meet the requirements during the 12 months, they must satisfy the Registrar that the failure was due to ill health or employment obligations or some other reason accepted by the Registrar.

In relation to a collectors' club, 'active' means the member attended four or more meetings of the club during the 12 months. Alternatrively, a member who has made a personal contribution (not being a financial contribution) to the club in a manner and to an extent that satisfies the Registrar that he or she should be regarded as an active member of the club.

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