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So you are a junior...

The Firearms Act 1977 recognises a 'junior' as a person between the ages of 12 and 17 years, inlcusive.

Generally, a junior would only require a firearms licence to participate in competition held in another State or Territory or held in another country.

Joining a firearms club

AURRPC doesn't have a separate junior category. However, juniors can join as an associate member (i.e. in their own right) or in the family member category (i.e. as a direct family member of a member or associate member). The suitablity of a junior to join AURRPC will be determined by the Club Committee on an individual basis.

Please refer to the unlicenced membership information.

Getting a firearms licence

The Firearms Act 1977 allows juniors to obtain a licence with the following restrictions:

  • endorsement for club use only
  • licence term is one year
  • licence can not be renewed
  • not able to acquire a firearm

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