AURRPC | Adelaide University Regiment Rifle & Pistol Club

So you have a current licence...

But it does not have a club use (i.e. POU1) endorsement. You have two options:

  • apply for variation to add POU1 to your licence
  • retain your licence as it is but use Club firearms at the range

Step 1. Come and try

Come to a Club meeting and a member of the Committee would be happy to answer your questions about AURRPC. You can visit the range and see if the Club is what you are looking for.

Step 2. Join AURRPC

You can download the membesrhip forms and come along to a Club meeting with these things:

  • membership application
  • two signed referees
  • your current firearms licence
  • membership fee (cash or cheque)
  • a photo (passport size or email a pic to the Secretary)

The Club Secretary will contact Firearms Branch to be sure that you are a 'fit and proper person' to join a firearms club. Your membership is substantive when Firearms Branch confirm that you are suitable.

Step 3. Firearms safety and proficiency training

A Club Instructor will conduct training to ensure that you are able to handle a firearm safely. Information on firearms safety is available on the Safety page.

If you decide to apply for a variation to add classes or POU1 to your licence, the Club will issue you a certificate (Form PD314) that confirms:

  • that you have completed and passed the club training course
  • that you are an active and financial member of the Club

This certificate must be sent to Firearms Branch to justify your variation to have a shooting club member's licence.

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