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Sports shooting associations

This page contains links to information on local, national and international sports shooting associations and organisations.

They have been grouped into sections:

South Australia

International Practical Shooting Confederation (South Australia)

AURRPC is affiliated with IPSC (SA) and adopts IPSC rules in most of our firearms safety training and sporting disicplines. IPSC (SA) is the section within the Australian region of IPSC Australia Inc. that governs the the sport of Practical Shooting in Australia.


Australian International Shooting Limited

The AISL's objectives are to promote and coordinate responsible shooting sports, both competitive and recreational, within Australia; and to promote and coordinate participation in and organisation of international competitions mindful of providing sustainable international success.

International Practical Shooting Confederation (Australia)

IPSC Australia Inc is the body recognised by the Australian Government for the management and regulation of the sport of Practical Shooting in Australia.

Pistol Australia

Pistol Australia is the premier target pistol shooting association in Australia. Through its affiliation with Australian International Shooting Limited (AISL), Pistol Australia is the only Australian association with the mandate to field Australian Target Pistol Shooting Teams to the Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and other international target shooting competitions including International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Cups, National Rifle Association (NRA) of America Bianchi Cup, NRA World Action Pistol Championships and the International Metallic Silhouette Shooting Union (IMSSU) World Cup.

Sporting Shooters Association of Australia

The Sporting Shooters' Association was established in 1948 in order to promote the shooting sports and protect firearm owners’ interests. Those roles remains the same today and with more than 120,000 members the SSAA is the premier body representing licensed firearm owners in Australia.

The AOC is committed to Australia's athletes and encourages the development of high performance sport through athlete support and funding initiatives. It aims to spread the Olympic spirit and ideals throughout Australia, even in the years between Olympic Games.

Australian Paralympic Committee

Originally formed in 1990, the APC is the peak national body responsible for Australia’s elite athletes with a disability. The APC was formed, by its members, as the Australian Paralympic Federation. The members were National Sporting Organisations for the Disabled (NSOD’s). The primary goal was to create a unified body to coordinate the control: corporate representation (domestically and internationally); Paralympic Games participation (summer and winter); marketing (sponsorship and fundraising) and public awareness. A support goal was to assist ‘members’ to develop disability sport in Australia. APC membership presently comprises six NSOD’s plus seven National Sporting Organisations (NSO’s).

Australian Commonwealth Games Association

The ACGA is the national body responsible for Commonwealth Games operations, publicity and development in Australia, specifically providing and organising funding, clothing, travel, accommodation and accreditation of athletes and officials to each Commonwealth Games. The ACGA is both an incorporated association and a non-profit organisation.

Australian Sports Commission

Is the Australian Government body that coordinates the Government’s commitment & contribution to sport. It provides national leadership in all facets of sport from the elite level through to the wider sporting community.


International Practical Shooting Confederation (International)

IPSC was officially founded at the International Pistol Conference held in Columbia, Missouri, in May 1976. The promotion of accuracy, power, and speed as three equal elements was the prime objective of the Conference along with procedures and rules for safe gun handling. Multiple targets, moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty carrying targets mixed-in, or even partially covering shoot targets, obstacles, movement, competitive tactics, and, in general, any other relevant difficulty the course designer can dream up all combine to keep the competitors enthusiastic and the spectators entertained.

International Olympic Committee

The IOC is an international non-governmental non-profit organisation and the creator of the Olympic Movement. The IOC exists to serve as an umbrella organisation of the Olympic Movement. It owns all rights to the Olympic symbols, flag, motto, anthem and Olympic Games. Its primary responsibility is to supervise the organisation of the summer and winter Olympic Games.

Commonwealth Games Federation

The CGF’s role stretches beyond facilitation of the Commonwealth Games - indeed the continuing success of the Games has helped to influence the outreach of the Commonwealth and to strengthen its bonds. As a means of improving society and the general well being of the people of member nations, the Federation also encourages and assists education via sport development and physical recreation throughout the Commonwealth.

Shooting sport may undisputedly be regarded as an important pillar of the Olympic Movement and is firmly anchored in the program of the Olympic Games. recognized by the International Olympic Committee - IOC - as the sole supervising body of the international amateur shooting sport for all international competitions. It is presently composed of 157 national federations from 137 affiliated countries.

National Range Officers Institute (United States)

The NROI was designed to establish a structure for the creation, accreditation, recognition, and maintenance for USPSA members wishing to become match officials. Following the goals of the Range Officer Creed, the organization ensures that Range Officers are the best trained, the best qualified, and the best prepared, to a same world-wide standard, in conjunction with IPSC/IROA officials.

Dismayed by the lack of marksmanship shown by their troops, Union veterans Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate formed the National Rifle Association in 1871. The primary goal of the association would be to "promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis," according to a magazine editorial written by Church.