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Personal Protective Equipment

There are several measures you can take to protect your own health and safety at the range. These include wearing the right clothing, footwear, eye and ear protection.


Freedom to move arms and legs is important to the sporting shooter. You should wear comfortable clothing that is suitable for the weather. Enclosed footwear is essential and should offer you stablility and traction.

Eye Protection

It is important to wear appropriate eye protection. These should be shatter proof plastic and meet an appropriate standard for impact. You may choose coloured lenses to assist with vision in poor light conditions.

Hearing Protection

You must wear hearing protection when you are firing or you are in the vicinity of a range where live firing is occurring. An economical choice for hearing protection is the soft foam in-ear type. These may be disposable (single use) or reuseable. Alternatively, custom moulded ear plugs are effective and comfortable to wear.

You may wish to invest in a passive or active type of hearing protection. Passive protection reduces noise by the rated amount (in decibels). Active hearing protection uses electronic signals to 'listen' for noise above a rated threshold and will cancel the noise inside the ear pieces. The main benefit of this type of protection is that loud noises are blocked out but they allow normal listening volumes to be heard.

This type of hearing protection is readily avaialbe from hardware stores. Hearing protection should meet Australian Standards.


Many pistol disciplines will require a holster, magazine holders and an appropriate belt.

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